What are the benefits of the A-Sprit?
The Trogear A-Sprit is an ideal aftermarket bowsprit solution for your sailboat, and facilitates flying Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Code 0s. Consider the following:
  • ADJUSTABLE: Vertically adjustable from the cockpit for a better sail trim. Code 0 luff tension is easily adjustable from the cockpit.
  • Jibe in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.
  • Below deck hinge mount OR deck hinge mount
  • Easily removable. Quick release pins or bolts.
  • Can be stowed in an upright position when not in use. No need to worry about paying extra fees at your marina!
  • 100% carbon fiber frame with no CF to metal bonds.
Will the A-Sprit fit any boat?

The A-Sprit is suitable for boats 18-50ft. The AS-30 is for sailboats up to 30 ft, AS-30R for 30ft +(racers and heavier boats), the AS-40 is for sailboats up to 40ft (max sail size of 2000ft. sq), and AS-50 for up to 50ft (racers and heavier boats).

AS-30: ~2000lbs
AS-30R: ~3000lbs
AS-40: ~4000lbs
AS-50: ~4400lbs
For Monohulls, Catamarans or Trimarans

See the Product Spec section for more details or contact us if in doubt – we are more than happy to help!

How is it installed?

We offer several excellent methods of installation: (See more)

Trogear-Karversailing2Below Deck Through Hull Hinge Mount:

The preferred installation method is to install a hinge tube across the bow. It is located about 2″ from the top of the deck and about 10-13″ aft from the tip of the bow (specific placement depends on your boat). The fiberglass hinge tube is glassed into the hull, though the A-Sprit is removable.

Through Hull Installation Manual (PDF)


Hunter466 with Trogear carbon fiber aftermarket bowsprit -deck mounted

Deck Mounting:
In some instances, such as boats with a bow anchor roller, deck mounting the A-Sprit works better. We have custom designed mounting brackets for this purpose which will work in many cases. We offer two bracket set designs. Please contact us or consult your rigger with any questions.


Side Mounts – Below Deck
Made from carbon fiber and suitable for yachts with narrow bows around 40 degrees including trimarans. When using these side mounts, the Bowpsrit attachment point is moved forward offering more extensions past the bow.

Side Mount Installation Guide (pdf)

Can the A-Sprit be mounted on the deck?

Deck-Mounted-Trogear-A-Sprit-Hunter45ABSOLUTELY.  We have custom designed mounting brackets for this purpose which will work in many cases. Please contact us or consult your rigger with any questions.

We offer two deck mounting attachment methods. Which is most suitable for you depends on your boat’s configuration. Please contact us with any questions. See selection

Landing-School 26-Deck Mounted w/ custom Teak inserts to Raise the Trogear Bowsprit. Quick Release Pins

How far does the A-Sprit extend past the bow?

How far the A-sprit protrudes past the bow depends on the individual boat bow angle and installation method. However, the following are general guidelines.

Extension of tack past the bow:
AS-30 and 30R: ~24″
AS-40 and 50: ~36″

attach code 02The A-Sprit can be stowed in an upright position when not in use. No need to worry about paying extra fees at your marina or when at a guest dock!

Can I install the A-Sprit myself?

Depending on your level of technical skill and overall comfort, you can definitely install the Trogear Sprit yourself. It is not a difficult process, but it does require careful measurements to insure the best fit.

If in doubt at all, contact us or consult your rigger.

Is the A-Sprit removable?

Yes it is. Attachment is either with quick release pins or bolts.

If bolted, just remove one bolt and then slide out the hinge shaft.

However, the Trogear bowsprit is so good looking that most people leave it on their boat!


Where do you put the anchor?

Hunter466 with a Trogear carbon fiber bowsprit deck mountedMany boats with an anchor on a roller will benefit from the deck mounted installation. In this case, the A-sprit will be above the anchor and not impede its deployment.