Rigging the Trogear Bowsprit

There are many ways to rig the Trogear Bowsprit. Following are some examples. (click on the image to enlarge)

Trogear Bowsprit Rigging Example
  1. U Bolt (shown here with low friction ring)
  2. Bobstay Dyneema – 2:1 purchase
  3. Low friction ring
  4. Stainless steel ring for furler attachment or with block for tack line
  5. Dyneema loop led through the bowsprit bushing connects stainless steel ring (#4) and low friction ring (#3)
  6. Bobstay control line led through a clutch to a winch in the cockpit.
  7. Stop strap – flat nylon webbing
  8. Bungee cord (see Davis MiniShockle)
  1. Furler attached to stainless steel ring.
  2. Block for tack line
  3. Bobstay Dyneema

Check out the rigging done by Paul Cronin for his custom Trogear bowsprit.  Paul is a naval architect, boat builder and filmmaker and he has a great series of videos offering step-by-step instruction for various procedures on his boat.

In the Boat Shop Series

Check out his video on through hull installation of the sprit as well.