Rigging the Trogear Bowsprit

There are many ways to rig the Trogear Bowsprit. Following are some examples. (click on the image to enlarge)

Trogear Bowsprit Rigging Example
  1. U Bolt (shown here with low friction ring)
  2. Bobstay Dyneema – 2:1 purchase
  3. Low friction ring
  4. Stainless steel ring for furler attachment or with block for tack line
  5. Dyneema loop led through the bowsprit bushing connects stainless steel ring (#4) and low friction ring (#3)
  6. Bobstay control line led through a clutch to a winch in the cockpit.
  7. Stop strap – flat nylon webbing
  8. Bungee cord (see Davis MiniShockle)
  1. Furler attached to stainless steel ring.
  2. Block for tack line
  3. Bobstay Dyneema