Fast 42 “Uhambo” – Trogear Bowsprit improves boats’ performance

PHOTO by: © Sharon Green – Ultimate Sailing
David Chase and teammates selected a Trogear customised AS-50 in 2019. They recently sent us some photos and updates on their performance and successes.

“Since our dismasting in the 2019 Transpac race we have re-rigged the boat and have had some success.  We have won in class the 2021 KH2SB race, the 2022 N2E race and the 2022 SB2KH race.  We are very happy with your product and feel it has improved the boats performance. “

Why did you choose the Trogear?

We had decided that the boat was underpowered downwind in the prevailing Southern California conditions.  With a very deep rudder and improved steering system we were not having control problems.  We committed to a 1.2 J and sails to match.  For flying a code 0 and gybing asymmetrical kites we needed a strong bow sprit to extend the tack to 1.2 J.  The Trogear was prebuilt and pre-engineered.  Additionally you were very helpful in sorting out installation while retaining our bow anchor roller (we cruise the boat to the Channel Islands).  As well we wanted a removable or retractable unit to avoid increased slip fees.  The deck mounted sprits would clutter the foredeck.

In what conditions and circumstances do you use it?

We use it while racing to fly the code 0 and other asymmetrical kites.

How has it improved your sailing experience and race results?

In the right conditions the large code 0 is a real weapon.  As well extending the tack three feet makes asymmetrical gybes much easier.  Increasing our downwind and reaching sail area has improved our racing results.

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