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Our story started in 2012 with a desire to improve performance in light air…

Henry Up sm

The Beginning

The folding bowsprit inventor is a development engineer with several patents including US Patent 9643701 for the Trogear Folding Bowsprit. Sailing has been his life-long passion, and his years of short-handed racing and sailing experience inform every Trogear product.

He initially developed The Trogear Bowsprit in 2012 to improve his own sailing experience. Motivated to have a practical, safe and elegant bowsprit solution he looked to some of the fastest ocean racing sailboats for inspiration. At that time, no one had designed an aftermarket bowsprit based on a triangular design that could rotate upwards from a hinge mount. He was confident that his design would be safer to use, and improve the ability to adjust downwind sails. 

He fabricated and used the first prototype for over two years on his Beneteau 1st 300 Spirit before moving into production.


Founded in 2015

Originally opening its doors in California, USA the company is now based in La Rochelle, France an area known for its large marina and economy linked to nautical pursuits.

The Trogear’s unique features appeal to cruisers and racers alike, looking for a safe solution to manage furling sails from the cockpit, without compromising on performance or incurring extra docking fees.

It has been used successfully in many races worldwide including:

  • Rolex Sydney Hobart
  • Newport-Bermuda
  • Transpac
  • ORC European World Championships
  • Race to Mackinac
sydney38 trogear AS30R sydney hobart

Quickly finding its niche as an after market upgrade for seasoned yachts, the Trogear Bowsprit is found on over 160 yacht models in over 25 countries.

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