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AS-25 AS-30R AS-40 AS-50 ATLAS 500 ATLAS 1000 MAXI
Boat length 8m (25′) 11m (35′) 11m (35′) 14m (45′) 16m (50′) 16m (50′) 21m (70′)
Bowsprit length 85cm (33.5″) 85cm (33.5″) 126cm (50”) 126cm (50”) 137cm (54”) 186cm (73.3”) 237cm (93”)
Weight 1.1kg (2.25 lbs) 1.25kg (2.75 lbs) 1.9 kg (4.1 lbs) 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs) 3.6 kg (7.9 lb.) 5 kg (11 lb.) 11 kg (24.25 lbs)
Extension past bow ~61cm (24″) ~61cm (24″) ~91.5cm (36″) ~91.5cm (36″) ~115cm (45″) ~155cm (61″) ~200cm (78″)
Inside width at hinge 22.4cm (8.8″) 22.4cm (8.8″) 32.7cm (12.9″) 32.7cm (12.9″) 20cm (7.8″) 29.5cm (11.6″) 38cm (14.9″)
Hinge tube material & OD G10 Fiberglass
25.4 mm (1″)
G10 Fiberglass
25.4 mm (1″)
G10 Fiberglass
25.4 mm (1″)
G10 Fiberglass
25.4 mm (1″)
G10 Fiberglass
25.4 mm (1″)
G10 Fiberglass
35 mm (1.3/8″)
G10 Fiberglass
35 mm (1.3/8″)
Shaft material Aluminum 6061, anodized Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium or carbon fibre Titanium or carbon fibre Titanium or carbon fibre
Asymm max size 70m2 (750ft2) 100m2 (1075ft2) 100m2 (1075ft2) 120m2 (1300ft2) 200m2 (2150ft2) 200m2 (2150ft2) 250m2 (2700ft2)
Code 0 max size 58m2 (600ft2) 80m2 (840ft2) 80m2 (840ft2) 100m2 (1075ft2) 160m2 (1680ft2) 160m2 (1680ft2) 200m2 (2160ft2)
SWL* 700kg (1500lbs) 1000kg (2200lbs) 1000kg (2200lbs) 1200kg (2750lbs) 2000kg (4400lbs) 2000kg (4400lbs) 2500kg (5500lbs)
Drawing w/ dimensions Drawing w/ dimensions Drawing w/ dimensions Drawing w/ dimensions Drawing w/ dimensions Drawing w/ dimensions Drawing w/ dimensions Drawing w/ dimensions
*Safe Working Load (SWL): The SWL is the maximum load created by the bobstay on the bowsprit at the attachment point of the bobstay (30deg angle) to the bowsprit.

How do I select the right size? Do I need a custom size?

Following are some considerations to keep in mind. However, if you are not sure, in most cases answering our questionnaire will provide us with the information we need to select the right bowsprit and install method for your project.

Sailboats with heavy displacement may need to go one size up.

For racers and bluewater cruisers, we recommend going one size up.

For reaching sails, you may need to consider a model for which you are not getting at the top end of its range capacity.


Sails featuring a total area close to the top end of the range might be better off going one size up.

You may want to shorten a sprit due to restrictions in the IRC/ORC rules to avoid any addtional penalties.

Download Questionnaire

Send us the answers and some good photos and we will get back to you.

750 700 oyster725

Semi-Custom Solutions

Depending on your yacht or sailing program, you may need to consider a semi-custom solution where we shorten a standard model.

RACERS: For those racing, this situation can happen if you do not want to suffer any racing organization penalties and our standard models will not provide the desired length.

CRUISERS: For those cruising, it can be due to the presence of a bow roller which requires more thought for the installation.

Over the years, we have worked closely with owners and riggers worldwide to provide the perfect fit. Filling out our questionnaire will help us determine the best solution.

Ordering Your Semi-Custom Sprit

We need to have a complete understanding of your project.

Based on the information provided, we will recommend the best solution to achieve your goal. This includes installation method, as well as final bowsprit specs.

Once we have come to an agreement, we will provide a mock-up drawing along with custom form to be reviewed and approved.

Once the custom form is approved, signed and the deposit is received, we will schedule your bowsprit for production and delivery!

SAMPLE Custom Form
SAMPLE Custom Form with Drawing

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