Installation Methods

Several ways to install the trogear depending on your situation.

We can help you decide

Flexible Installation Methods

Through Hull

A G10 tube is glassed into your hull. Our most adopted method.

Bow Roller

Using our universal SS brackets or custom made solutions.

Catamaran Crossbeam

Using our brackets designed for Cats

On Deck

Using our deck mount brackets from anodised aluminium

Side Mounts

Carbon fiber side mounts suitable for narrow hulls including trimarans
750 700 mumm rigging
Mumm 36 | Trogear AS-40 through hull

Through Hull

Installation at the strongest structural point of the boat

The preferred installation method is to install a fiberglass hinge tube across the bow.

It is located about 5 cm from the top of the deck and about 25-33 cm aft from the tip of the bow (specific placement depends on your yacht and selected bowsprit).

The hinge tube is glassed into the hull, though the bowsprit is removable. A quick release option is available for faster removal.

In some cases, such as yachts with a sandwich core hull, it might be necessary to reinforce the hull. If you are in doubt, it is best to consult your rigger.

Each bowsprit includes the parts needed for installation through hull:

  • G10 fiberglass hinge tube
  • Hinge shaft (titanium or anodised aluminum)
  • Marine grade SS attachment hardware
  • Optional quick release adapter upgrade for most models

Bow Roller Mounted

For cruisers and dual purpose yachts with a bow roller

  • When a through hull install is not possible, the bowsprit can be installed on the bow roller
  • Our universal set of brackets has been designed to accommodate most of the bow roller arrangements. Some modification may be needed.
  • It is also possible to make custom brackets when the configuration of the bow does not allow for the use of the universal brackets.
  • For bow rollers with only one channel, it will be necessary to add a matching channel or make an “L-shaped bracket” to support the bowsprit
  • Some installs are possible on dual channel rollers without brackets.


In all cases, we help you determine the best method for your situation.

750 700 SunOdyssey379 bowroller
Sun Odyssey 379 | Trogear AS-30R bow roller
750 700 catamaran dolphinstriker
- Leopard 44 | Trogear AS-50 & AS-25 Dolphin Striker

Catamaran Crossbeam

A single bowsprit is suitable or in conjunction with a dolphin striker

  • Single Sprit: The bowsprit can be mounted on the crossbeam. We have “CAT” brackets designed for this purpose. Please note that it is important to verify with us or the yacht manufacturer if the crossbeam can withstand the compression loads. Some crossbeams need additional reinforcement.
  • Additional Dolphin Striker: A second, smaller sprit can be mounted on the underside of the crossbeam as a dolphin striker. Our “U” brackets  are suitable for this purpose. This set up makes it easier to clear the space of any obstruction when dropping the anchor.



  • The CAT brackets are suitable for the AS40 and AS50.
  • In most cases, the AS25 is suitable as a dolphin striker.
  • Custom brackets are needed for the ATLAS & MAXI.

Deck Mounted

Using our "U" brackets from anodised aluminum

If the through-hull installation is not possible or for owners who feel more comfortable drilling the deck rather than the hull, the Trogear can be deck mounted.

  • Using our “U” brackets from anodised aluminum available for the AS-25, AS-30R, AS-40 and AS-50
  • “U” Brackets should be located close to the outboard edge
  • This type of install comes with delrin adapters for the brackets and either bolts or quick release pins upgrade for faster removal.


750 700 Folkboat deckmount
Folkboat 26 | Trogear AS-25 deck mount
750 700 sunfast sidemounts
- Sunfast 3200 | Trogear AS-40 side mounts

Side Mounts

For narrow bows and more extension

The side mounts are designed to install the bowsprit on narrow bows around 40 degrees including trimarans. This installation is done below deck. 

When using this type of mounting accessory, the bowsprit attachment point is moved forward offering more extension past the bow.

The brackets are made of carbon fiber and are suitable for the AS40 and AS50 only.

When using with an AS50, an additional through hull tube should be installed to help spread the loads.

Custom Options

We can work with you on your unique project

Some yachts require custom installation solutions. We have worked closely with owners and riggers worldwide to advise on best methods and even design attachment parts as needed.


750 700 tartan customroller
Tartan 3500 | Trogear AS30R custom install

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