Use Instructions:

The Trogear Bowsprit was designed to be used for free flying sails such as, Asymmetrical Spinnaker, Genakers, Screetchers and Code 0 sails.

Any other use, such as permanent head stay attachment for the headsails (jib, genoas etc.) or anchor gear attachment is not recommended and will void any guarantees and could lead to damages or injuries.

As with any other system on the sailboat, which are exposed to heavy loads, it is essential that the owner makes themselves familiar with the design, function of the system and potential consequence of improper use.

It is important to understand that the bowsprit could be under a heavy load when in use, especially during reaching and strong breeze, therefore certain basic operational rules must be observed to avoid potential damage to the boat, sail or personal injuries.

When the sails are deployed, the Bowsprit must be supported by a Bobstay – the line attached at the tip of the bowsprit and leading to a U Bolt attached to the bow preferably at 45 degree angle when the bowsprit in the horizontal position.

The position of the bowsprit could be adjusted by the adjustable bobstay from the horizontal position by approximately 10 deg up and 10 deg down which for the AS 30 translates to 1ft between max down and max up position and 1’9” for AS 40. Easing the bowsprit further up under the load, leads to decreasing the bowsprit stability and could lead to damages or injuries.

Make a rule to always use a winch with enough wraps when adjusting the bowsprit position and NEVER fully release the bobstay when under load.

Avoid a prolonged luffing of the sails and shock loading (such as strong gust) as much as possible.

Be sure to install a Downward Preventer Line from Dyneema when installing the bowsprit below deck level. This safety feature  prevents the Bowsprit from dropping below a predetermined angle in the event the sail drops to the water. See examples in the rigging section of our website. Note: For the full strength of the Trogear bowsprit – the working position is achieved only in conjunction with the bobstay at approximately 45 degree angle.

In the event that a sail drops into the water, slow the boat down and detach the tack of the sail from the bowsprit to avoid loading the sprit.

As with other sailing hardware, it is recommended to inspect all the bowsprit parts for damage such as cracks, corrosion, chaffing and loose attachments and correct it before use.

After each use, flush with fresh water, and disassemble, for thorough cleaning, inspection lubrication of moving parts at least once a year or more frequently if used often and in stronger winds and sea state.

For added protection from harmful UV rays consider using a UV protectant such as 303 Marine & Recreation Aerospace Protectant

Please contact us if in doubt about any of these instructions.

Happy sailing.