Trogear ATLAS 1000 Carbon Bowsprit


Suited for yachts up to 16m (~50ft)

  • Custom length available. Please inquire.
  • Second Tack Bushing (more aft) optional (+ €125)
  • 3-year warranty.
  • (Price shown is before TVA.)


Bowsprit base model includes parts needed for Through Hull install:

  • G10 Fiberglass hinge tube
  • Hinge shaft: Titanium or carbon fibre and SS w/bolts
  • Marine grade bolts and washers

Does not include parts for the bobstay rigging. Bowsprit frame is carbon fiber. Bowsprit is removable and adjustable.

Additional information


186cm (73.33″ )


5kg (11 lbs)

Extension past bow:

~155cm (61″)

Inside width at hinge:

29.5cm (11.6″)

Shaft material:

Titanium or carbon fibre and SS w/bolts



Max Asymmetrical Spinnaker:

200m2 (2150ft2)

Max Code 0:

160m2 (1680ft2)


2000 kg (4400 lbs) / The SWL is the maximum load created by the bobstay on the bowsprit at the attachment point of the bobstay (30deg angle) to the bowsprit.

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