Side Mounts – Carbon Fiber


2 Carbon Fiber Mounts for installing the Trogear Bowsprit below deck. Suitable for yachts with narrow bows around 40 degrees including trimarans.

  • Suitable for AS-40 and AS-50 bowsprits.


When using these side mounts, the Bowsprit attachment point is moved forward offering more extensions past the bow.

  • Plain spherical bearings for perfect alignment of the bowsprit
  • Bolted to the hull at three points
  • Side mounts allow for vertical adjustment of the bowsprit
  • Coated with UV resistant clear polyurethane


  • A through hull installation using the titanium shaft is also required.
  • Quick release system is only possible if the installation is also through hull using the titanium shaft.
  • The bowsprit remains removable.



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